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Robinson R66 Turbine

Helicopter News & Information

Never Say Never

General Aviation, October, 2010

Even More of a Good Thing

Vertical Magazine, Oct/Nov 2010

R66 Preliminary Performance Data

Shephard, September 1, 2010

Robinson R66 First Flight

Tim McAdams/AOPA - September 13, 2010

Kurt Robinson Interview

Rotorcraft Professional - August, 2010

RHC R66 Press Release

Robinson Shows off its Brand New R66

Blades April, 2009

R66 Robinson Approaches

Flying June, 2009

Revving Up for the New Robinson R66

Rolls-Royce: The Magazine June 2009

"Robinson Ties its Future to R66"

February 22, 2009:  AIN Online

    Robinson R66 Helicopter Program Receives First Production RR300 Engine

    Deagel.com March 14, 2008

    Robinson Reveals More R66 Details

    Flyer March 3, 2008

    Robinson R66 Turbine Helo Gains Clarity

    AOPA Online February 25, 2008

  Rotorcraft Report: Robinson Reveals R66 Program, But Not Much More

    Rotor & Wing April 1, 2007

    Robinson R66

    Flug Review

    Robinson Selects Rolls-Royce

    Turbine Engine for R66

    Robinson Helicopters Newsletter Spring, 2007

   RHC's Founder Talks About the Future (Part 1)

   Aero-News Net, July 23, 2008


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