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R22 & R44 Maintenance & Overhauls




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Robinson R22 & R44 General Information

Robinson R44 Model Info

          Raven I/Clipper I Series

          Raven II/Clipper II Series

          Raven I & II IFR Trainer

          Raven II Police Helicopter

          Raven II Newscopter

          R22 Beta II


Robinson R44 Warranty Info

          New Aircraft Warranty

          Parts Warranty

          Component Return Authorization

Robinson R44 Pilot Safety Course

          About the Course





          Directions to RHC


Robinson R44 Maintenance Course

          About the Course




          Directions to RHC

Robinson R44 Helicopter Insurance

        Dave Monaco  -  800-324-6787

        Southwest Aviation Insurance Group


        Sutton James Robinson Helicopter Program

        Pathfinder Indemnity Company Ltd.

        Fax: (242) 352-3932


        Jeff Gray  - 888-830-1295

        Nation Air Aviation Insurance


FAA Links

         N-Number Availability

         N-Number Reservation Request

R44 Sales Articles

FAA Part 135 Operations - R44 & R22

Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) for R44 & R22 Revision 3 - 9/16/2014


Factory Installed GPS

Garmin GTN 625 GPS

Garmin GTN 635 GPS/Com

Garmin GTN 650 GPS/Com/Nav

Garmin GTN 725 GPS

Garmin GTN 750 GPS/Com/Nav


Garmin GPS 400W

Garmin GNC 420W

Garmin GNS 430W

Garmin GPS 500W

Garmin GNS 530W


Robinson R44 & R22 Maintenance


  • R22 & R44 2200 Hour Overhauls
  • 12 Year Inspections
  • 100 Hour / Annual Inspections
  • 50 Hour Inspections / Oil & Filter Change
  • Track and Balance
  • AD/SB Compliance
  • Fuel Bladder Installation (SB-78B & SB-109)
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • AOG Repair
  • Export Services




     Pilot Side Avionics Console

     Rooftop Helipad

     Cargo Hook Installation for R44

     Apollo Spray System

     Apical Pop Out Floats

     Astro Paint Scheme

     Aircraft Purchase Agreement

     R44 Addendum to Purchase Agreement

     Ferry Pilot Requirements

     Notice of Price Increase on January 15, 2007

     Notice of Price Increase on January 15, 2008

     Notice of Price Increase on July 26, 2008

     Notice of Price Increase on January, 15, 2009

     Notice of Price & Dep. Adj. January 15, 2010

     Notice of Price Increase on January, 15, 2011

     Notice of Price Increase on January 15, 2012

     Notice of Price Increase on January 15, 2013

     Notice of Price Increase on January 15, 2014

     Helicopters Only

     406 MHz  Information and Programming

     Kannad ELT Programming Data Sheet

     Maui Choppers - truTV

     US Army Mast Bumping Video

     See the R66

     Sagem R44 Glass Cockpit Brochure

     R22 & R44 Photo Doors - Tech Tool Plastics

     R66 Information Page

     Factory Order Cancellations

     Press Release: Frank Robinson Retires

     Factory Order Cancellations

     Alaska Rack, LLC

     2014 Robinson Helicopter Calendar

     R22 & R44 A&P Mechanic Wanted

     Robinson Introduces Glass Avionics

Robinson Helicopter Financing

               Aviation Capital Corporation

               Rocky Morse - 888-757-5626


               JODA Aircraft Finance

               (636) 530-6041


               John McCann

               (201) 321-7537


               1st Source Bank   (R66 Only)

               Bryan Byers - 574-235-2336



Robinson R44 Time Building

               Philip Greenspun

               Helicopter Academy

               Tallahassee Helicopters

               Kissimmee Helicopters

               Monumental Helicopters


Robinson R44 & R22 Leasing

             Higgins Leasing, Inc.

             Spitzer Helicopter Leasing

             Eric Spitzer Helicopter Leasing

             Capital Helicopters, LLC

             Arkansas Helicopters, LLC

             November Alpha, LLC

             Emerald City Leasing - 206-890-7531


Advanced R44 Flight Training

               Simon Jones (Advanced Flight)

               (Factory pilot teaches advanced

                emergency procedures in R44)


Robinson R44 News/Articles

  "Engines: Turbine Reliability: Fact or Friction"

   Rotor & Wing, March, 2003

  "Robinson R44 Pilot Report"

   Aviation International News, March, 2003

  "Rotor Mogul Robinson

   Works Hard on Simplicity",

   Aviation International News, August, 2004

  "Robinson Wants to See R44

   Favored Over R22 as Trainer",

   Aviation International News, February, 2006

   RHC's Founder Talks About the Future (Part 1)

   Aero-News Net, July 23, 2008

   RHC's Founder Talks About the Future (Part 2)

   Aero-News Net, July 24, 2008

   Sagem R44 Glass Cockpit STC


Robinson R66 News Items

    Robinson R66 Helicopter Program Receives

    First Production RR300 Engine

    Deagel.com March 14, 2008

    Robinson Reveals More R66 Details

    Flyer March 3, 2008

    Robinson R66 Turbine Helo Gains Clarity

    AOPA Online February 25, 2008

    Rotorcraft Report: Robinson Reveals R66

    Program, But Not Much More

    Rotor & Wing April 1, 2007

    Robinson Selects Rolls-Royce

    Turbine Engine for R66

    Robinson Helicopters Newsletter Spring, 2007

  RHC's Founder Talks About the Future (Part 1)

    Aero-News Net, July 23, 2008

Helicopter Tow Carts & Dollies

Robinson Tow Carts

Heliporter (Paravion Technology, Inc.)

Heli Tow Carts

Main Line Corporation

FEC Heliports

Helicopter Tugs


Robby Tow

Robinson Helicopter Newsletter

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