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Maintenance and Overhauls

(Part 145 Repair Station # O8DR071L)


Fly-In Instructions

Our maintenance hangar is located at the South Ramp area of the St. Augustine Airport (KSGJ).  Our landing zone for incoming maintenance customers is denoted by the yellow circle in the photos below.


Upon establishing radio contact with ATC, please request landing at the "Old City Helicopter Maintenance Landing Zone" on the South Ramp. All customers must land in our designated landing zone and be towed to our maintenance hangar. Please be sure to bring your ground handling wheels or let us know if you will not be able to.


Please be aware of the possibility of taxiing aircraft near the landing zone and exercise appropriate caution.


NOTE: If you are arriving for maintenance, please provide advance notice so that we can be ready for your arrival.  If you have not provided advance notice, please land at the Atlantic Aviation ramp where you will find our office in the GA Terminal.


You can see diagrams and additional information about KSGJ at SkyVector.



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