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Robinson Glass Avionics

General Information

Effective February 7, 2014 Robinson introduced a new line of instrument panels and avionics, including:



To accommodate the new avionics, RHC will make the following panel adjustments:


  • R22s will have a 6 Hole Panel.
  • Raven I will have a 6 Hole Panel with the option of an 8 Hole for additional cost.
  • Raven II and R66 will have 8 Hole Panels.


Furthermore, RHC will be making the following substitutions:



With the addition of the new avionics, RHC will no longer offer the following:


  • Garmin GNS 420w, 430w, 500w, or 530w GPS/Com systems
    • Garmin GNS 400w can still be installed in the lower bay
  • Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Artificial Horizon without a Slip Skid Indicator
  • Marker Beacon


For additional information, please call Andres at 904-342-0630



Official RHC Press Release


GTN Series GPS Simulator

Free 1 GB download and installation (Windows only) for on-the-ground training





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