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Genesys HeliSAS with Aspen PFD

for New R44 and R66 Orders


General Information

Effective August 28, 2015 Robinson announced that it is now offering the Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS (Helicopter Stability Augmentation System) and Autopilot on new R44 and R66 helicopters equipped with an Aspen 1000H Pro Primary Flight Display (PFD).



Official RHC Press Release



HeliSAS provides attitude stabilization and force feedback to the cyclic control at all speeds and is designed to be continuously engaged, but can be overrode with manual cyclic input. HeliSAS can also hold the current heading or GPS track and altitude, track GPS, VOR, and Localizer navigation signals (including back course), and even allow automatic flying of ILS glide slope or VNAV approaches. If visual reference is lost, releasing the cyclic while HeliSAS is engaged will return the helicopter to a neutral attitude automatically.


The HeliSAS option costs $46,000 and must be installed with an Aspen Pro PFD ($14,200), a Garmin GTN Series GPS (starting at $12,400), and a Garmin GTX330ES Transponder ($3,400).


For additional information, please call Andres at 904-342-0630





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