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R22, R44 & R66 Brokerage


What we do:

           We broker Robinson helicopters throughout the world, selling between 2 and 4

           helicopters per month.  We specialize in Robinson helicopters and do not broker any

           other aircraft.

What we charge:

          We charge sales commissions as follows:

                    R22s & R44s:    2% or $8,000, whichever is greater

                    R66s:                  1% or $8,000, whichever is greater

How we earn our commission:

           We handle the sale of your helicopter from first contact through closing. We pay for

           all advertising, field all inquiries, convey all offers and provide recommendations

           when requested, handle negotiations, prepare purchase documentation, coordinate

           pre-purchase inspections, coordinate export and delivery services, coordinate log

           book reconstruction when necessary, and coordinate the closing.  Your helicopter

           does not leave your hangar until you have been paid in full.

          We publicize your helicopter through multiple channels including:

                 -  R44Sales.com - Our own website which receives between

                    300-1,000 hits per day.

                 -  Advertising - We advertise extensively in multiple aircraft trade

                    publications and websites with readerships throughout the world.

                    We constantly evaluate and add new websites/publications.

                 -  Email - We publicize all listings through our proprietary email list.

                 Social Media - We publicize each listing through various social media.

            Through our specialized network, we add value by generating more exposure

            for your helicopter resulting in more leads, higher offers, and better sale prices

            with less time on the market.   We further add value with our vendor relationships,

            export knowledge, and airframe specific deal making experience allowing us to

            pursue more complicated leads, and to successfully address various issues that

            can arise during the course of a transaction.

What makes us different from other brokers:

                  -  Current Market Data - Our 2-4 sales per month provide us with current

                       market data with which to advise sellers on price and offer evaluation.  This

                       information is not public and brokers that do not have high unit sales

                       volumes are only able to guess at current market values.

                  Export Experience - Our experience in exporting helicopters allows us to

                      pursue viable overseas leads that private sellers, or less experienced

                      brokers, would shy away from.

                  Vendor Network - Our network of vendors and mechanics, throughout the

                     country, enable us to assemble all of the services required to bring a sale to


                  - Specialized Robinson Experience - Our experience in handling large numbers

                      of R22 and R44 sales allows us to better deal with the multiple issues

                      specific to Robinson helicopters.


To learn more about brokering your Robinson helicopter through Old City Helicopter Sales, LLC, email or call Andres Kerllenevich 904-342-0630.



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